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Suharto's Bali Hotels & Travel Agents / Businesses

Bali hotels and travel businesses owned by Suharto and his family and friends.
This data was made avalable in 1997 by Dr. George J. Aditjondro
Although some hotels and businesses may well have changed hands since this data was produced, the message is the same; boycott them as they knew who they were buying from and what happened in order for the Suharto clan to own their empire.
Remember, remember thousands of Balinese were put to death in the mid to late 1960's under Suharto.
Remember, remember most of the land these hotels sit on was stolen under "compulsory purchase orders" made by Suharto's Government and the orginal Balinese land owners then murdered to prevent claims in the future.
You want blood on your hands? Then stay at one of these hotels / use one of these businesses.

List of members of the Suharto family members and the hotels or other tourist businesses they control in Bali *)


Siti Hardiyanti Rukmana, (Tutut), President Suharto's eldest daughter (Citra Lamtoro Gung Group):

(1). PT Sejahtera Indoco: owns Nusa Dua Beach Hotel (joint venture with Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei Darussalam, who bought the hotel from PT Aerowisata [Garuda Indonesian Airways' subsidiary] for US$ 120 million) in Nusa Dua; 450 rooms.
(2). PT Radio Citra Dharma Bali Satya: owns private radio station in Denpasar (joint venture with younger brother Bimantara's Radio Trijaya in Jakarta).
(3). PT Joanne Drew Indonesia: holds monopoly over all Joanne Drew fitness centres in Indonesia, including in Bali.


Sigit Harjojudanto, President Suharto's eldest son (Arseto Group):

(1). PT Nusantara Ragawisata: owns Bali Cliff Resort hotel in Ungasan, at the Bukit Peninsula (joint venture with Japan Air Lines and French hotel chain, Utell); 200 rooms.
(2). PT Uluwatu Ocean Resort: owns 335 Ha tourist resort, incl. 45-hole golf course in Ulu Watu, Bukit Peninsula, near Sigit's Bali Cliff Resort hotel, where Suharto met Keating, in 1995.
(3). PT Catarison Sukses: owns Nikko Royal Hotel in Sawangan, near Nusa Dua (joint venture with Sigit's uncle, Sudwikatmono, and a Japanese company); 408 rooms.
(4). PT Bali Inter Resort: owns Sheraton Nusa Indah Resort in Nusa Dua (joint venture with Sigit's younger brother Bambang's Bimantara Group and the US Sheraton hotel chain).
(5). Unknown company name: owns Amanusa resort in Nusa Dua (joint venture with the Hong Kong-based Indonesian Jew businessman, Adrian Zecha); 35 suites.


Bambang Trihatmojo, President Suharto's second son (Bimantara Group, together with his brother-in-law, Indra Rukmana, Tutut's husband):

(1). PT Bali Inter Resort: owns Sheraton Nusa Indah Resort in Nusa Dua (formerly Nusa Indah Bali Convention Centre); 369 rooms.
(2). PT Nusa Dua Graha: owns Sheraton Lagoon Nusa Dua Beach International hotel in Nusa Dua (joint venture with PT Aerowisata); 276 rooms.
(3). PT Citra Jimbaran Indah Hotel: owns Bali Intercontinental Hotel in Jimbaran Bay (joint venture with the Hong Kong based Waverty Properties and the Indonesian Ustraindo Group); 451 rooms.
(4). PT Bali Turtle Island Development (BTID): Bimantara-led consortium with younger brother Tommy Suharto's Humpuss Group, Gajah Tunggal Group, Ponco Sutowo (son of former oil magnate, Ibnu Sutowo), and the Udayana Army Division's PT Pembangunan Kartika Udayana, which will build 4,800 Ha tourist resort, covering 2,500 Ha of land & 2,300 Ha coast of the Benoa Bay to Serangan Island (= Turtle Island), with a planned 10-year investment of US$ 2 billion, modelled after Jakarta's Ancol Dream Park.
(5). PT Cardig Air: handles air cargo at Ngurah Rai International Airport near Denpasar, in cooperation with the Indonesian Airport Authority company (PT Angkasa Pura I) and the Air Freight Council of Western Australia (AFEC).


Hutomo Mandalaputra Suharto alias Tommy Suharto, President Suharto's youngest son and former (?) playboy (Humpuss Group):

(1). PT Humpuss Inc.: Four Seasons Resort in Jimbaran Bay (acquired from Cleaton Investment Pte. Ltd., in a joint venture with Singapore's Hotel Properties Ltd.); 147 villas.
(2). Unknown company name: owns another Four Seasons Resort hotel in Sayan, Gianyar, near Ubud (joint venture with Adiguna Sutowo, son of former oil magnate Ibnu Sutowo); 48 rooms and a royal villa.
(3). Unknown company name: owns Bali Saba Hotel (taken over from the bankrupted Summa Group), also in Gianyar.
(4). PT Bali Pecatu Graha: in 1995, it began to appropriate nearly 150 Ha of land in Pecatu village, Jimbaran Bay, Badung district, from 1,000 farmers, with the help of government officials (who acted as land speculators) and the Udayana Army division (which received zakat [Muslim income tax] from Tommy); total resort will consume 650-790 Ha of land, including 157 Ha for low density luxury houses, 92 Ha for a self-contined township and 160 Ha for other purposes. This mega-resort will include a 1,350 rooms hotel, a 18-hole golf course and club house, golf lodges, a recreation and entertainment club, marina, marina village, Balinese Cultural Village, residential allotments, real estate, a botanical garden and other tourist amenities, with a total investment of US$ 6 billion. The appropriation of land for this mega-resort has triggered waves of villagers' protests to Bali's provincial parliament in the last two years, which has been strongly repressed by the security apparatus in Bali.
(5). Unknown company name: plans to take over some discotheques in Kuta.
(6). Humpuss Group and Tommy own shares in Bimantara's Bali Turtle Island Development Project.
(7). Tommy own shares in PT Ayung River Rafting company, together with sons of Bali Governor Ida Bagus Oka: this company practically monopolizes rafting on the Ayung river, near Ubud.
(8). PT Mabua Intan Express: owns 40-meter long Mabua Intan Express catamaran jetfoil boat, that connects the Benoa harbour in Eastern Bali with the Lembar harbour in Lombok in 150 minutes; the company also owns a Swedish foilcat 2900 boat, which can cover the same distance in 90 minutes.
(9). PT Bali Benoa Marina: will manage a tourist resort, incl. golf course, by reclaiming parts of the Benoa Bay (joint venture with PT Mandira Erajasa Wahana Transportation Aerowisata, a subsidiary of Garuda Indonesian Airways)
(10). PT Tirta Artha Buanamulia: supplies drinking water provision for the Jimbaran, Kuta, and Nusa Dua tourist areas (joint venture with the Badung district goverrnment's drinking water company [PDAM Badung]).
(11). PT Sempati Air: flies between Jakarta, Denpasar, and Perth (joint venture with the Army-owned company, PT Tri Usaha Bakti, and PT Nusamba, which is owned by three charities headed by President Suharto [80% shares], Sigit Harjojudanto [10%], and Sino-Indonesian business tycoon, Bob Hasan [10%]).
(12). PT Gatari Air Service: chartered flights.
(13). Humpuss Travel Agency: promotes hotels and airlines owned by the Group.


Siti Hediati Prabowo, President Suharto's second daughter and wife of the Army's rising star, Mayor General Prabowo Subianto, commander of Army's special forces unit, Kopassus (Datam/Maharani Group):

Owns several properties in Bali, incl. a big plot of land in Sayan, Gianyar, near Ubud, bought from Murni, a Balinese business woman, owner of a small hotel (Murni's House) and a small restaurant (Murni's Warung) in Sayan.


Ari Haryo Wibowo, President Suharto's eldest grand-son (Arha Group):

(1). PT Arha Bali Semaranta Rafting: hold near monopoly over rafting on the Unda river which flows from Karangasem to Klungkung districts.
(2). PT Arbamass: attempted to monopolize labelling of alcoholic drinks for the entire province, but this plan was eventually cancelled by Ari's grandfather due to the protests from his uncles, aunties, and grand-uncles, who own most top hotels and tourist resorts in Bali.


Sudwikatmono, President Suharto's cousin/foster brother (major shareholder in Indonesia's largest business conglomerate, the Salim Group, together with Siti Hardiyanti Rukmana [Tutut] and Sigit Harjojudanto, apart from being a major shareholder in a number of other business conglomerates):

(1). PT Catarison Sukses: owns Nikko Royal Hotel in Sawangan, near Bali (joint venture with Sigit Harjojudanto); capacity & rates still unknown.
(2). Unknown company name: owns Ramada Bintang Bali Hotel in Kuta (joint venture with the Ramada Hotel chain); 400 rooms.
(3). Unknown company name: owns Radisson Sanur Beach Bali hotel (RSBB), also in Sanur (managed by the Salim Group); 425 rooms.
(4). PT Sanur Hastamitra and (5). PT Sanur Dinamika (Salim Group companies, with 10% shares owned by sons of Bali Governor Ida Bagus Oka): Dafa Sanur Residence and hotel in Mertosari, Sanur.
(6). PT Pesona First Pacific (Salim Group): telephone pagers.
(7). A Salim Group company holds franchise of PepsiCo in Indonesia.

Sukamdani S. Gitosarjono, half-brother of the late Mrs. Tien Suharto (Sahid Group):

(1). PT Sahid Insanadi: owns Sahid Bali Seaside Hotel in Kuta (Rp 15 billion, or US$ 7.5 million investment); 400 rooms.
(2). PT Sahid Dwikencana: hotel supplies.
(3). PT Sahid Noel Mitra Sejati: gifts, parcels, florist, and hampers company (joint venture with Noel Hampers & Gift company from Singapore).
(4). PT Sahid Gema Wisata Tours & Travel: travel agency.
(5). PT Sahid Visantara Tourindo: travel agency.
(6). PT Nara Blantikatama Seni, or Blue Pacific Enterprise: entertainment company.


Probosutedjo, President Suharto's stepbrother (Kedaung and Mercu Buana Groups):

(1). Unknown company name (Kedaung Group): owns a US$ 81 million hotel in Bali (joint venture with Sasana Kwarta Putra Group [Djohan Anwar], MW Hotels Holding Co. from the Netherlands, and Wuthelam BVI from the UK); 600 rooms.
(2). PT Wisata Triloka Buana (Mercu Buana Group): plans to build new Le Meredien hotel in Bali, after building one in Jakarta.


The Kowara family, parents-in-law of Siti Hardiyanti Rukmana (Tutut) (Teknik Umum Group and Medco Group):

(1). PT Coca-Cola Tirtalina Bottling Company (Teknik Umum Group): holds franchise of Coca Cola in Indonesia, with a bottling unit in Bali.
(2). Medco Group: Bali Imperial Hotel in Seminyak, north of Kuta; 138 rooms.


*) Updated version of appendix in George J. Aditjondro: Bali, Jakarta's Colony: Social and ecological impacts of Jakarta-based conglomerates in Bali's tourism industry. Working Paper No. 58 (Oct. 1995). Perth: Asia Research Centre, Murdoch University.

Message: Boycott Bali, if you want to help save Bali's people and their environment, as well as help save the Indonesian people from all the public funds wasted by the Suharto family on all those luxury projects in Bali !
Newcastle, June 5, 1997,
International Environment Day

Dr. George J. Aditjondro
(Indonesian dissident in exile)

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